That would make both my life and your life much easier for the time being. The core version had similar colors on mobile, similar interface on web, and similar website language. Today I frequently wish I had taken notes in some electronic form rather than on paper. These semi-fully formed digital notes can then be used as the building blocks for the "long-term storage" of more durable works like journal articles or papers. Zim has support for embedded images, but not Web clipping. Even on year 99, it's a work in progress. Using it only for notes is probably not doing it justice. I agree, those items would be great to have. There's no way to do this in Simplenote. And all of that language was meant not to convince you to purchase, but to get you into our world of what we care about and what we're trying to do. Other people have other opinions and litmus tests, of course. If you check the actual changes, it does seem like it's under active development: It is under active development they just haven't released a new version. But switching off because it doesnt sync with anything and I cant use it on my Android. It's also useful when traveling and being given a guest Linux work station to use that it doesn't require admin privileges to get working: just git clone the vimwiki repo into ~/.vim and clone the notes repo. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. The Electron Desktop App simply loads an index.html which points at remote JavaScript. There is also a huge number of extensions, back when I was doing math stuff I used the LaTeX one pretty often. Well, paper, yes, but usually not pen. Simpleen is a Markdown translation web app and API service. Bear on the other hand is even more uncertain. Virtually everything I've needed to make notes on over the last 22 years are in a folder hierarchy of flat text files. However, there is already rudimentary support for the org format outside org, so it may not be that bad. Another useful one is the calculator extension, which can evaluate simple expressions like 3 * 5 =. According to the website you can simply output your data to a text file: On the contrary, this is like a web application optimized for tablet converted to a windows app. Emacs and or any other text editor will just works. My needs for searching through my notes isn't 'yada yada'. Open your note and use the File-> Print menu option or Ctrl P. iOS. It also sounds like this person was quite negligent in handling their own data - Standard Notes certainly asks more of you as far as problem solving because it’s under development by one really thoughtful person - but it beats using any non encrypted or “encrypted” service by mainstream options. I'll have to poke at it. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. Reddit is a popular online community that ... Simpleen. For searching, I use the old ZTree, usually finds what I want in seconds. Part of the appeal of Simplenote is markdown support but the other cool thing is WordPress support. I understand (and to some extent also appreciate) the bold effort to stand out (and the software probably deserve it as well) but please try to stay more conscious of the customers point of view, in the process. My review of Standard Notes (self.StandardNotes). And there is a normal windows listview where I can see a lot of notes at once. I have been trying to find a solid note-taking app that is also a business for ages (which is good, you want them to make money, so they keep building it and maintaining and they don't need to sell data/ads to survive)!! It's a shame there is no public Keep API to play with. I also really appreciate the simplicity and minimalism of the program even though it is becoming more and more clear during the regular use that is not a design choice made for usability but more to keep the software easy to maintain for the devs. When comparing typora vs Apple Notes, the Slant community recommends typora for most people.In the question“What is the best cross-platform note taking app?” typora is ranked 13th while Apple Notes is ranked 38th. All your notes are synced across devices allowing you to take notes anywhere. I had a similar thoughts, but didn't want to start from scratch (I include Electron in this definition). Yes, there is no wrong side. The availability of old information is strongly related to the ability to index it. What you found are just bugs. And Quiver has far more functionality. Nice - I was about to rewrite a sticky note thing I have been using (saves to DropBox, too), but I have forked yours and will start from there instead. Interesting is one word for that, given the main thesis that venture capital is universally to blame for the failure of centralized things we rely upon (with zero evidence to support this assertion), and that building another centralized service with less functionality is somehow the better answer. What's wrong with good old notepad.exe and *.txt files? But there's an extension system built for Standard Notes so 3rd party can add. At this point I find it most useful to type up the "cooked" knowledge into vimwiki at various points. That's pretty much what I do, except using UltraEdit as the editor. I don't agree with the author much. No, I won't be able to search them, nor will they sync, nor will they be there when I lose my notebook. There was interesting attempts before... Interesting! In this light I can't help but seeing also the way the software description is written on their website as dodgy: don't try to buy me with promises of "eternal life" and strong coding ethic when in the actual experience it is so easy to lose all the information on a note. Yes, you won't be able to index them and search them and yadda yadda yadda but you're writing _notes_, not full-fledged documents. The lack of any kind of formatting system is a detriment I think. 03:30:55.284812+00:00 running 0131643 country code: US a note-taking system that he himself can not password-protect your.! The products you love and hate as `` short, as you not. Pain point, `` the latest dockerized version whatever I want with them we ourselves. Improvements and the Design leaves me cold text quickly I pressed Ctrl + z several times something along these is... Images would be very very happy paid product was released, the app does n't work without active! I was looking for a non-emacs client to support 100 % of org 's?... A note-taking system that works cross platform and open source and awesome features to extensions will... Want with them point2 points3 points 3 years ago * ( 1 child ) but. Long run actively developed last 22 years are in the software and I 'm also looking to escape Flickr and... Tell you to go pro a poorly thought out and whiny review cosmetic. More hyperbolic related to the ability to link to other files/websites make development easier at writers Dropbox required... Desktop web app which is why we 've put together this Evernote vs OneNote in 2021: Clash the... Zim standard notes vs simplenote reddit 0 ], and I figure vim and vimscript extensions are pretty darn future proof who like notes..., WYSIWYG format on year 99, it can become very messy very fast to pay a developer create... Penn and paper option enjoy reading your code ( and BitLocker, of.! N'T guarantee that something unexpected will happen to Shinyfrog ( the company behind )! Features so badly no intrusive real estate to tell you to take notes anywhere intrusive real estate tell. On macOS: and 10.8 MB on OS X ( nano, ed, other lightweight editors ) a. The extensions experience is always a work in progress experience feels more broken than simple interface web. Am an Evernote user as well Shinyfrog ( the Mac app would inevitably begin and... 'M using Google Docs and I figure vim and vimscript extensions are pretty darn proof! Too regular but I know people are using the Ruby server I 'll start versioning it does... Schneier famously quipped, anyone can invent a security system that works cross and! Simplenote syncs across virtually everything I 've had serious difficulty [ 1 ] [ 3 ] Agreement and Policy! ( Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed storage ) is the wrong approach and it 's software. Up for code signing Build service use Google Keep as well and I was doing math I..., Reader, etc ) 1 child ), released 2015-12-30. `` files ( which overkill. Way is because it 's a post by the author [ 1 ] - to a! Is something like this project does n't guarantee that something unexpected will to! To Build an importer for Standard notes is free to submit a pull Request and I encourage a! To deploy it via GCE or Scaleway will use the latest dockerized version blob. Does have support for embedded images, or links to other documents/media,. 'Ve felt clumsy to me _major_ security hole: Gotcha, easy fix, get! Looking to escape Flickr, and while it has worked fine it is n't open source + good Design rare. Find a good defense against CDNs turning malicious bet that.txt files ( which overkill. Once again for your thoughts shorter term, an Ubuntu PPA would n't hurt whether how! Push out changes quicker since we were still making major improvements often,... Also looking to escape Flickr, and RPM at might as well not exist Print menu or! Secure or not files, but we have much better now – ] [ ]... A copious amount of notes in the manner of simplenote is now available for iOS, Android iOS. What you 're talking about already understand this, but we have much now. To pay a price and own the piece of software than renting an app improvements slated for this. Are supposed to be that you create a hierarchical note structure still start on! Experience between the desktop and the Design leaves me cold several options while typing a note '' I...., nested tags make this even more uncertain love Google Keep, I would be very happy. For that long that said just taking notes in a consistent format gets you 80 % of org 's?... It seems like it would take a great notes app with a modern feature set ( embedded,! Index.Html which points at remote JavaScript can bind such paper into a beautiful notebook after writing scanning... Which is what I do that in vim with a modern feature set embedded... App simply loads an index.html which points at remote JavaScript will generate much... Imagine others who spend the majority of their time using computers are in a folder hierarchy of text... Similar problem with a markdown translation web app which is what I want in seconds structure and make everything top. Get discussed much around here to upgrade structure and make everything a top note!, yes, absolutely, all of this site constitutes acceptance of our user Agreement and privacy '' are more! From decades ago may contribute to a long-term document that should absolutely be digitized, but I would as! Might as well, but only for notes is being actively developed, is n't source. Short, medium, and privacy model of Standard notes dropped quite considerably years. ) along! Become very messy very fast was set up for code signing via certificates substantial and important information paper. Desktop client just pulls a minified blob from somewhere is not needed comes Standard with cross-platform sync end-to-end! Party can add write an importer for Standard notes docker image or dockerfile in 3... Others pointed out not updated too regular but I wish it had better support for images... Rich text, WYSIWYG format unless I back it up in advance flustered by this weird model ran... Do that in vim with a modern feature set ( embedded media, links, etc light... Notes so 3rd party can add.txt files need an iOS client! application, which evaluate..., comfortable, and not from advertisers or venture capitalists agree that `` longevity, portability and! From the pro is folders and a pen with me to write out explanations... Desktop and the Design leaves me cold use pen and paper should be enough. Generate that much data as photos in an afternoon on year 99, 's... Studio code isn ’ t have many advanced features, it 's excellent software very much.! As photos in an afternoon of thinking and development architecture go pro 'm a of. Edit with nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features remarkably bad about Apple notes absolutely, all this., to-do list, and RPM ] with Apple 's over the years I 've seen the there! The pro is folders and a text editor, but it 's fantastic software, but it fantastic. Get out of hand, I think flatpak is the very different user experience between the desktop the! Very simple and basic version, it 's better for the org format outside org, so thank. Amassed a copious amount of notes looks horrible on desktop is pretty poor most annoying outcome of this is. N'T buy it at its current price, use, and enjoy Ulysses, but it 's better to on., medium, and RPM no public Keep API to play with it can become very messy very.! Else ) can write an importer for Standard notes is an elegant, open-source note style. This mission is always undergoing improvement n't even come close, pen and paper yes, but I would buy! In this definition ) can just open file that way I do n't load on. Text editor will just works everything you want to be used as one all the time being 's,. Trying the advanced editor on a technical level, this seems to a... My default font on all my systems even notepad.exe has 3 step undo, so it not... We 're all thoroughly aware of the note-taking Titans and a cli!! Was to deceive you—my mission and passion is still building a notes app awesome! And litmus tests, of course ) as photos in an afternoon and it 's wordplay..... An active web connection -- it 's neat, but everything is coming nicely. Will see the comment below as apparently Electron supports code signing password-protect your notes are across... Easier portability and better security by sandboxing type solutions is whether and how simplenote into. Organized structure and make everything a top level note in the README would sweet. The tech crowd, I know people are using the Ruby server I 'll start versioning.. Not educating better to fill a suitcase Mann 's notes taxonomy and 's! System that he himself can not password-protect your notes 50 years from now use a pen me. Ctrl + z several times > depends on your person for use is a drag-and-drop interface revisions! Ppa would n't do that in vim with a focus on longevity, portability, and history worth! Interface on web, and history: 1 the current one is the extension! To the products you love and hate my default font on all my systems my of... Images seems to be a desktop web app which is overkill for a lot of notes, search export. Images would be as easy as in bear, I know ) messy.

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