If this calculation is for a lump sum deposit with no recurring transactions enter "Never" in the "add money" drop down. instructions for how to enable JavaScript. you to enter negative interest rates. CAGR Formula - Explains how to calculate annual growth rate for an investment. Savings account interest calculator is an online personal finance assessment tool to calculate the total maturity amount and the total interest based on the selection of monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually compound frequencies, interest rate and total time period of the deposited money in the Bank. So now you know how to calculate what your saving plan might be worth in the future you can feed your own figures into the formula. In this savings goal calculator, input your target amount, starting balance, time to grow and interest rate. Low-cost index funds can give a person close to market returns without spending much on management fees. * >*(!\\\"(f};o nrute" + Our simple savings calculator helps you project the growth and future value of your money over time. If you made a series of deposits and there was an initial lump sum deposit then you would treat the series and the initial deposit as two separate entities & then add each total together to get your final savings amount. Most bank savings accounts use a daily average balance to compound interest daily and then add the amount to the account's balance monthly, which is mathematically quite similar to monthly compounding. calculator and article: how long will it take me to save?. Originally discussed in the 1992 book "Your Money or Your Life" by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, When an open ended bond fund investor exits their position at distressed prices they lock in losses for other investors as the fund must sell some bond holdings at distressed prices to fund the withdrawal. requirements and risk/reward strategy.