Reply YES within 5 minutes to continue with the transaction. The first one is to send an SMS or text message. In this article, we’ll teach you how to pasaload in Globe and TM. no, you can't transfer load from one telco to different networks =0 . All Rights Reserved. text mo amount and send 2+number walang 0. 0 0. Learn more about the procedure by reading the rest of the article below. You’re in luck as Globe’s Share a load promo lets you transfer your prepaid load to other Globe or TM subscribers. We will not share your email address. How to pasaload globe to globe? Retrieve your 4-digit PIN by texting GET and sending it to 2916. 917xxxxxxx > Send. Talk ‘N Text subscribers can only share load/promo to other TNT, Smart Prepaid & Sun number. Text and Internet Data Promos Using PLDT myHome account, you can also pasaload to any Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro and TNT subscribers. When using the service, the total amount to be transferred plus a charge of 1P is then recovered from the sender's account. Android. How to Pasaload in Globe or TM (Share-A-Load/Promo/MB Service) Globe's Share-A-Load/Promo/MB service lets Globe/TM subscribers transfer their prepaid load, promo or data to other Globe/TM subscriber. To send Pasaload, subscriber must log in using his/her myHome account and select the denomination of choice. How To Pasaload in Smart,TNT, Globe,TM Share-A-Load in Globe and TM You may share your load to other Globe or TM number using Pasaload with a three different ways, via USSD code, SMS or Globe and TM SIM Menu. The amount shared is up to the user sending the load but the expiration varies by amount sent. You will be charged ₱1 for this transaction. Hello. He is passionate about technology and how it can change the world for the better. A notification text message will be sent to you with a guide on how to reset the Share-A-Load PIN. If Smart calls theirs as “Pasaload,” Globe and TM call their version “Share-A-Load. Now, you may be wondering how to pasaload in globe. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'techpilipinas_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',110,'0','0']));Imagine that you’re texting a friend and he suddenly goes silent because he ran out of prepaid load. Thanks :) Answer Save. 6 hours of 8MB Facebook, valid for 24 hours. You can also set your Globe pasaload PIN by dialling *143# and going to MyAccount and then Share-A-Load/Promo/MB and then Change Share PIN. Ex. 5 Answers. To set your Globe pasaload PIN, text REG <4-digit PIN> <4-10 character PIN Clue> and send to 2916. To reset PIN, just dial *143#, choose ‘Share-A-Load/Promo,’ then ‘Reset PIN.’ You may now register a new PIN again. Afterward, it’ll display the menu. How to Share-a-load with Globe 1. Share-a-Load through USSD code menu. 0 0. For any inquiries or business proposals, e-mail us: [email protected]. The Globe/TM Pasaload is a very convenient way in reloading your account when Globe retailer or loading station is not available. Source(s): 5 years ago. After that, you can set a new PIN. To pasaload to a Globe or TM subscriber, just text the load amount to 2 + 10-digit number of the recipient, replacing the prefix “0” with the number “2”. P1 will be deducted for every successful Share-A-Load transaction. There are two ways to share a load in Globe or TM. … Anonymous. Aside from sharing prepaid load to other Globe or TM subscribers, you can also share Globe text, call and Internet data promos. Share a Load in TNT. For example: 100 1234 and send to 29123456789. Text PASALOAD 09191234567 10 to 808); You and your recipient will receive text notifications. In this article, I will teach you how to share a load in Globe or TM Prepaid. ₱ 300 & above (1 Year). Before starting to share your load to other numbers, you must check your Load Balance first if it is enough to make a Pasaload. To send promo packages using Globe and TM You can also pasa load or send … Globe Pasaload can be done in 3 different methods, via text/SMS, USSD code *143#, or Globe/TM SIM Menu. Talk'nText Load = Globe Load Reg P30 = Reg P35 Reg P20 = Reg P25 Reg P15 = Reg P20 Reg P10 = Reg P15 REG P30 REG P50 REG P100 REG P150 REG P300 . Just follow the instructions to reset the PIN. After a pasaload, you can register to affordable Smart and TNT Promos to enjoy a variety of call, text, and surf packages.. Read: HIGHACTIVE30: Unlicall and text to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid, Free FB for 7 Days Sean. Learn how to pasaload in Globe or TM. For example: GET BIRTHDAY and send to 2916. How to Share-a-Load in Touch Mobile (TM) - Mobile Phones 23479. You may also want to read: How To Pasaload in Smart,TNT, Globe,TM. Get the amount of load you wish from anyone using Globe in cash, say P30 and use the money to purchase load for the Smart phone. Favorite Answer. That’s how you pasaload in Globe in 2021 via Share-A-Load service. Globe 15 Pesos Promo Offers 2020 [Call, Text & Data] ABS CBN Mobile Pasaload or Share a Load to another Mobile ... Load Philippine Phones – Philippine Load for Globe, Smart, Sun. Globe Pasaload is one of the most popular ways to pass load between Globe Phones. Here are the different denominations (load amounts) for the Globe pasaload service and their corresponding validity: Globe prepaid subscribers are allowed a maximum of 5 share-a-load transactions per day, with a limit of ₱150 per transaction. Now, learn how to share a TNT load and promo below: A. With the Globe share-a-load service, you can send your prepaid load to friends and loved ones who have run out of airtime credits. This is not possible with other networks which must be in increments of 5 or 10 (such as ₱15 or ₱60). Tech Pilipinas is the Philippines’ digital lifestyle blog that focuses on the latest news and updates from the world of technology, computers, electronic gadgets, startups, mobile apps, social media, and many more. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 6 hours of 8MB WAZE, valid in 24 hours. Globe Pasaload can be done in 3 different methods including text/SMS, via USSD code *143# or Globe/TM SIM Menu. Choose from any of the following: Wait for the confirmation message of your pasaload transaction. Globe Pasaload is a service wherein you can you can transfer prepaid load and promo offers to other Globe Prepaid and TM customers through text. For example: REG 1025 BIRTHDAY and send to 2916. Let’s say you got stuck at a place where loading stations are not available. To check your balance in Globe for free, Just type BAL and send to 222. Another advantage of Globe pasaload is that it allows you to send virtually any amount up to ₱150 (for prepaid subscribers) or ₱500 (for postpaid subscribers). Once you entered an incorrect PIN clue three (3) times, it will be blocked. Disclosure Policy | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy. Related: Talk ‘N Text (TNT) Mobile Internet Surf Promo Offers. Pasaload Smart Instruction. So if your friend or loved one is in dire need of cellphone load, just follow the steps mentioned in this article to send your extra load to him. Fortunately, you can rescue your friend from this tight situation by sharing your extra load with him. The PIN code acts like a password, preventing others from transferring your prepaid load without your knowledge. Sending prepaid load via Globe Share-A-Load service is very easy. To get the latest load expirations text [HELP] to 2916. Read more below to learn how to set your Globe pasaload PIN. Just wait for the confirmation message of your Globe pasaload transaction. Example: [P300] 2. How to Borrow Load in TNT. Text the AMOUNT and send to 26 + 10-digit donor's mobile number For example, if you want to ask ₱50 load from your friend, you text 50 and send to 269161234567 Another example, if you want to ask ₱10 load from your brother or sister, you text 10 and send to 269161234567
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